In March of 2020, China closed its borders to the outside world. By April of 2020, 91% of the world’s population lived in countries with full or partial travel restrictions. By October of 2020, most of countries experience the so-called second wave of coronavirus. 
Apart from lessons learnt, the master thesis of Mr. Waqas Ali, B.Sc., investigates the scope of the Covid-19 disruption in global supply chains and capabilities supporting firm performance and resilience during Covid-19. 
Mr. Ali is an MBA candidate of the international master program at the Hochschule Bremen, City University of Applied Sciences in Germany and the University of North Caroline, Wilmington in the United States. Professor Irina Dovbischuk and Professor Frank Giesa support his research. 
For the investigation of a hypothetical model, the work of Mr. Ali relies on good-quality data in a high amount. Please help him to collect the data about valuable experiences of logistics service providers and other companies since Covid-19 both in Asia and Germany!
Here is the link to his survey:

Link to the survey 

We are very thankful for five to ten minutes of your time.

Update (05/Dec/2020): The survey is over. Thank you for your support!