In February 2022, the AGKN co-founder, the Thuongmai University, will launch the 3rd annual international conference on Commerce and Distribution (CODI 2021). The conference will focus on following topics:
– institutions, policies, laws and legal bases on commerce and distribution for local, national and international economic development,
– roles of state in promulgating policies to promote the circulation of goods in both domestic and international markets,
– impacts of the international trade and distribution policies when Vietnam enters the international markets,
– markets and customers’ behaviors in the field of trade and distribution,
– logistics in trade and distribution, impacts of logistics on trade and distribution activities,
– digital transformation in businesses to promote trade and distribution,
– trade and distribution models, channels and facilities of businesses,
– product and service trading and distributing systems in global value chains,
– brand development, communications and marketing for promoting trade and distribution,
– projected prospects of domestic, regional and international trade and distribution markets, and
– policy implications and recommendations for businesses in the field of trade and distribution.
Submission deadline for full papers: 08 November 2021.
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