Efficient logistics results from lean and resilient processes management. In order to teach KANBAN principle, the Kanban Promo Car game was developed in the framework of the educational project “Efficient and Green Logistics Management along the Maritime Silke Road – GreenSilk” (2020-2023) between the AGKN, the University of Bremen and the Zhengzhou University of Technology.

Learning goals are to understand KANBAN principles and practices and to have fun!

Recommended are at least three same-sized groups (4-6 people). The game is designed to be played in four rounds for several hours:

  1. Preparatory round, setting the reference-car in terms of quality
  2. Exercising round after the flow visualization and KANBAN-board creation
  3. Order-related manufacturing of different colored, logoed and optionally with convertible top cars
  4. Polishing round of order-related manufacturing.

Each round can end at any time, so the manufacturing process should be pull-oriented and with limited work-in-progress possible in each production step.

Prof. Dovbischuk congratulated the winner team “Crazy cars” with Amazon voucher

Feel free to use the game for teaching purposes or invite one of the AGKN members to play with your students or employees!

Having applied the game instructions, please mail the following information about the winner team (AGKN will raffle a present among winners in 2020 and 2021):

NamePoints / PlayersDate / Place
Crazy cars90/511 Feb 2020, Bremen, Germany
AGKN can send you playing kits

Download area (available soon):

Slides (ger), slides (en), slides (ch)

Order cards (en), oven (en)

More information: Prof. Dr. Irina Dovbischuk, dovbischuk [et] agkn.de