Flying_Seminar_LogoFrom the 13th to 19th November a group of Bachelor and Master students from Merseburg and Ingolstadt travelled together with Professor Dirk Sackmann and Professor Andreas Jattke to Thailand to participate in the 1st Flying Seminar on Global Supply Chain Management. This was a workshop project on logistics and Supply Chain between Thailand and Germany in which the results of different projects on logistics and Supply Chain Management were presented by their teams and they exchanged their experiences.
Furthermore we visited several facilities and organizations, e. g. a plantation and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry where we got an insight into process procedures and freight movements in Thailand and their importance for the international trade.
The seminar took place at the School of Logistics and Supply Chain at the Naresuan University in Phitsanulok but our group also travelled to Mae Sot at the Myanmar border, a very important place for the trade between Thailand, China and India.We enjoyed our study trip to Thailand very much. Working in an international setting on actual problems broadened our horizon when it comes to future job decisions. Putting theoretical knowledge into practice was a beneficial lesson. We experienced an intercultural learning environment and gained valuable insights from that. We strongly recommend this experience to be accessible for other students.
Flying seminar
The 2nd Flying Seminar is scheduled for the end of September 2017 to Germany.