160927_HoMe-Logo_Hoch_CMYKFollowing the last year’s successful 1st flying seminar on global logistics and supply chain management at Naresuan University (Phitsanulok, Thailand), Hochschule Merseburg (HoMe) welcomed a delegation of 11 students, headed by Dr. Boonsub Panichakarn and accompanied by Mr. Watanabee from the School of Logistics and Supply Chain at the Naresuan University in Phitsanulok (Thailand).

The main part of the second follow-up seminar on international logistics was an international student conference.

The aim of the student conference was to exchange research findings and ideas on global supply chains and international logistics. Thai students presented their interesting research plans or findings for different logistic projects in Thailand. HoMe students presented their task results for the lecture on International Logistics not only in front of the international visitors but also in front of their principal Mr. Krebs, the owner of the “Teebotique” in Weimar. Mr. Krebs wants to import the so-called Jackfruits from Thailand to Germany. The first student group got the task to find the best and the cheapest way for the transportation and the second group had to find a mechanical solution for the processing of the Jackfruits. The conference was enriched by four additional speakers: Prof. Dr. Pick (Enforcing Service Rules), Emma Zimbelmann (humanitarian logistics) and Alexandra Fiedler (3D printing) from Merseburg, and Prof. Dr. Daduna (3D printing) from the HWR Berlin.


During the final day the Thai and German students visited the international company Radial Fulfilment GmbH in Halle.


HoMe is a co-founding member of AGKN e.V. It has three departments form the main organizational unit. They successfully perform their duties by adjusting to the size and composition of the student body. Thus, the Department of Business Administration and Information Sciences has close relations with regional and supra-regional businesses in combination with a multi-facetted education providing competencies in the business field, the media, and management.

AGKN contact: Prof. Dr. Dirk Sackmann, Faculty of Business Administration and Information Sciences, Hochschule Merseburg University of Applied Sciences, +49 3461 46-2903

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