From November 11th to 18th 2017 25 students from Ingolstadt and Merseburg participated at the 3rd Flying Seminar to Nanning and Quinzhou, China. They had chance to learn about the latest trends in supply chain management and international trade and investment

The event took place at Guangxi University and Quinzhou University. The German students came to China together with Prof. Dr. Andreas Jattke from the Ingolstadt Technical University of Applied Sciences and Prof. Dr. Dirk Sackmann from Merseburg University of Applied Sciences.

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During the seminar, there were panels about the development of supply chain management, SCM finance, differences between China´s and Germany´s logistics as well as the logistics of the Beibu Golf region in the Southern China.

In addition to the conference, the students, teachers and professors got the chance to see different companies and ports of the Guangxi region to get a closer look on how logistics is working there. The visits ranged from the China Post, a cooling warehouse, a company responsible for warehousing and commissioning to the Beibu Golf Port and the Fang Cheng Port where the students got a closer look at maritime logistics in Southern China.

Furthermore there was an excursion to the Vietnamese border where the group got to see the border and trade between China and Vietnam.

But, the trip was not all about official visits and scientific discussions. The German students got to know the country of China, its people, its culture and its food. They were able to make new friends. The Chinese and German teams interacted all the time and also had a lot of fun in their evening leisure time, for example at the karaoke bar.

On the last day the study groups went up to the Quingxiu Mountain of Nanning to observe beautiful nature and temples.

The whole week was hosted very kindly by the Chinese hosts and resulted in a great experience and an exciting trip where the German students learned a lot about Chinese culture and logistics.