Student and staff mobility are impossible at the moment due to dynamic growth of Covid-19 new infections in Germany but we keep in touch via Zoom!

AGKN members do hope to continue with PhD student mobility from the Guangxi University (China) to the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences and the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (Germany) in 2021!

The Covid-19 situation is better in Thailand and China in comparison to Germany, so that the Guangxi University is going to launch PhD student mobility to the Naresuan University in Thailand as soon as the pandemic makes it possible.

The Asian and German universities are mutually interested in the continuation of the Flying Seminar networking format in 2021.

Zoom (from left to right)

Professor Dirk Sackmann

Merseburg University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Boonsub Panichakarn with Professor Fan Fan (Phone)

Naresuan University, Faculty of Logistics and Digital Supply Chain (NU-Logistics), Thailand & Guangxi University, Business School, China

Professor Irina Dovbischuk

Managing director of AGKN e.V.

Professor Andreas Jattke

Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Germany