AGKN_logo_travelling_conference_ontour_180The third travelling conference was devoted to the topic of “Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Mitigation in Line With Urban Mobility and its Interconnection With Transportation Networks”.

The conference took place from the 13th – 17th February with four stop-over events at the Zhongyuan University of Technology in Zhengzhou, the Korean Maritime Institute in Busan, the Ateneo de Manila and De La Salle Universities in Manila. The first stop-over in Zhengzhou (13th of February) led to a vivid discussion on recent topics concerning mobility, transport and logistics in general. The event was furthermore used to set a multi-university-memorandum of understanding between participating German institutions and the hosting university.

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On the 15th of February, the second stop-over was made at the Korean Maritime Institute in Busan, South Korea. It was mainly focussing on issues concerning a comparative overview of the role of energy efficiency and climate change mitigation in the transport policies and logistics solutions in South Korea and Germany.


Finally on the 17th of February, the last two stop-overs took place at two competitors in Manila: the De La Salle University in the morning and the Ateneo de Manila University in the afternoon. In the morning the Ateneo School of Government, in cooperation with the Ateneo Department of Economics, discussed the topic of the travelling conference. After a two-hour trip in the congested city of Manila, the discussion on climate change mitigation in line with transportation networks and urban mobility was continued at the De La Salle University.

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Altogether, nine German researchers participated in the travelling conference: Prof. Dr. Hans-Dietrich Haasis (University of Bremen), Prof. Dr. Carlos Jahn (TU Hamburg), Prof. Dr. Andreas Jattke (TH Ingolstadt), Prof. Dr. Carsten Dorn (HS Bremerhaven), Prof. Dr. Dirk Sackmann (HS Merseburg), Prof. Dr. Holger Schütt (ISL), Prof. Dr. Guido Siestrup (HS Furtwangen), Prof. Dr. Stefan Voss (University of Hamburg) and Dr. Irina Dovbischuk (AGKN e.V.).

By including government and business representatives as speakers during the different stop-over events, the discussions were ambivalent and contributed to the goal of the AGKN e. V. to intensify the collaboration between Germany and the countries of the Asia Pacific Research Areas (APRA). Furthermore, the events were open to the public, giving the chance for interested individuals to gain insight into recent research topics.

Such networking events are organized by the AGKN e. V. to initiate new cooperations with foreign institutions and encourage scientific exchange between German and Asian researchers and further stakeholders. The travelling conference was supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Most of the conference speeches can be viewed as a short publication in the conference proceeding.

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