Guangxi logoIn 2000, the Business School of Guangxi was approved to recruit MBA students, and became one of the pilot universities to offer MBA programs in the country. Nowadays, the Business School has developed rapidly to be an institution covering the two major disciplines of economics and management. It offers 9 master-degree programs and 11 bachelor-degree programs. The Research Center of the School consists of labs of international trade, finance and banking and business administration. All these make the School an important base in Guangxi to train personnel in economics and management.

At present, by making the best use of Guangxi’s geographical location and the good relations and cooperation with its counterparts in ASEAN countries, the school is mobilizing its faculty members to cooperate with domestic organizations and colleges of business in the ASEAN. They conduct broad research on economic and management issues within China and ASEAN countries.

The school has extensive, long-term collaboration and exchange programs with overseas educational institutions in the USA, Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN countries, Hong Kong and Macao. The Logistics Research Institute at the Guangxi University is a co-founding member of the AGKN e.V.

In November 2017 the Business School at Guangxi University will host the 3rd Flying Seminar devoted to the topic of Sustainable Supply Chain Management and Financing to Boost Global Trade. One of the sessions is to be held at the Qinzhou University.

AGKN-contact: Prof. Dr. Fan Fan, Director, Logistics Research Institute, Business School, Guangxi University, +86 13878899978

3rd Flying Seminar Agenda (Draft)