Thuongmai LogoAfter two years of preparation, Thuongmai University has just announced that it will be offering a bachelor program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management starting from 2019. This is in line with the national strategy to improve the competitiveness of logistics services in Vietnam. In 2017, the Prime Minister had issued Decision Number 200/QD-Ttg, approval for the action plan for improvement of competitiveness and development of Vietnam’s Logistics Services by 2025. In this action plan, education and human resource development has been pointed out as one of the six key tasks by the government.

Vietnam is in a serious shortage of human resource for the logistics sector. According to the Annual Logistics Report 2018 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam needs a workforce of 2 millions workers with training in logistics from now to 2030, and a significant proportion of that number should have university degrees.

The new bachelor program in Logistics and Supply Chain at Thuongmai University is a right step to contribute to the development of logistics services in Vietnam. The university plans to recruit 100 students for this program in the first year and expects to increase that number in following years. The program is not offered in English yet.