With the support of the AGKN e.V. , the University of Bremen and the Zhongyuan University of Technology (ZUT) founded a Joint Research Center in Logistics Management and Engineering in March 2018. One of the goals of the center is to offer an international dialogue on current logistics challenges and best practices in China and Germany.

In 2019 AGKN e.V. supported both founders of the research center to apply for funding from the Sino-German Center for Science Promotion to launch an Intern. Conference on Intelligence, Innovation and Sustainable Development in Logistics in Zhengzhou.

The main topics included but were not limited to intelligent logistics information and service, sustainable development of green logistics, synergy of new logistics efficiency and reliability, logistics transportation strategy and decision innovation, intelligent logistics and supply chain management and smart factory solutions. The symposium was carried out in two sessions days (on the 30th and the 31th October). The first day of the conference (the 29th of October) was devoted to the academic excursion. Among speakers there were around 50 experts and scholars from China, Germany, Vietnam and France.