The International Joint Research Center in Logistics Management and Engineering (IRC-LOG)Β was founded in March 2018. Its managing director is the former vice-president of the Zhongyuan University of Technology (ZUT), Prof. Dr. Jianhui Du. Together with Prof. Dr. Hans-Dietrich Haasis (University of Bremen), she initiated and supported the inter-university collaboration since 2015. This collaboration was from the very beginning reinforced by the AGKN e.V.: both universities are institutional members of AGKN. Prof. Dr. Hans-Dietrich Haasis is foreign director of IRC-LOG and distinguished professor at ZUT.

Founding event in Zhengzhou in March 2018

The foundation of the IRC-LOG is resulted from the successfully fulfilled internationalisation strategy of the ZUT and from the strategical importance of logistics sector at site in Zhengzhou, a start point of one of the economic corridors and the railway connection between China and Germany in the framework of the so-called β€œOne Belt – One Road” Initiative of the Chinese government.

IRC-LOG is a part of one of 18 schools and departments at ZUT, namely the Department of Economic Management. It acts as a supporting research center for logistics at the Department. Apart from research, the members of its team are involved in lecturing of bachelor, master and doctoral students in the programs Logistics Management and Engineering, Control Science and Engineering and Computer Science and Mathematics.


Prof. Dr. Jianhui Du,

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans-Dietrich Haasis,

More information: IRC-LOG flyer (pdf, en)Β